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RTM | College Spotlight - NCAA Tournament

Look whose dancing?!! We have listed all the players from Michigan who will be playing in the 2021 NCAA Tournament!!! Good luck to our #MittenMade players representing for our state on the national scene!

Jaren Holmes - St. Bonaventure

Duane Washington Jr.

Trevion Williams - Purdue

Nolan Foster - Ohio

Algevon Eichelberger | Deante Johnson - Cleveland State

Isaiah Livers | Brandon Johns Jr. | Jaron Faulds

Austin Davis | C.J. Baird | Brandon Wade - Michigan

Rocket Watts | Thomas Kithier | Foster Loyer

Steven Izzo | Gabe Brown | Marcus Bingham Jr. - Michigan State

Amauri Hardy | Eric Williams Jr. | Jalen Terry -Oregon

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