Moneyball + mitten recruit

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Mitten Recruit loves supporting Michigan players, schools, teams and companies.  The only apparel that will be worn at our camps and future events will be handled by Moneyball.  Moneyball is a dynamic Michigan based company that is one of the best sportswear companies in the country!!   Mitten Recruit supports Moneyball and you should too!!  Visit them online at www.moneyballsportswear.com  

sponsorship packages

freshman level | $125

This package level is designed to sponsor a camper to attend a camp or event that cannot afford to do so.  We always want everyone to attend our camps that want to but some cannot afford it.  This package gives the opportunity to make that happen for someone who needs it the most! ​

Package details​

*Camper Sponsorship

* Social media post 

* Camp Shirt 

junior varsity level | $250 

This package level helps with the tasks of running an event or camp.  Camps/events need a lot of things like shirts, food, volunteers, banners, refs, etc.   Buying this level will go towards supporting the camp and event by paying towards the daily tasks that helps the camp or event run smooth. 

Package details​

* Social media post 

* Camp Shirt  

* Banner @ Event 

* Website Sponsor mention & post 

varsity level | $500+ 

The Varsity level is reserved for those individuals or companies that want their company seen on our website, shirts, events, etc.   If you would like to sponsor an entire event,  all apparel like Moneyball or want to help our brand with the placement and funds with your company this is for you!   We are always open for shirt sponsors, food sponsors, vender sponsors, etc. and this level has a higher end level of commitment for our brand and yours!   

Package details​

* Multiple social media post 

* Mitten Recruit Polos & Camp shirts 

* Banner @ all events  

* Logo & brand placement on website & social media 

* Opportunities for future collaborative events