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Mitten Recruit loves supporting Michigan players, schools, teams and companies.  The only apparel that will be worn at our camps and future events will be handled by Moneyball.  Moneyball is a dynamic Michigan based company that is one of the best sportswear companies in the country!!   Mitten Recruit supports Moneyball and you should too!!  Visit them online at www.moneyballsportswear.com  

sponsorship packages

promotional sponsor | $125

This package level is for companies, supporters or anyone that wants to promote their brand/business.  We will give you the opportunity to have a table at our events and also be mentioned social media to draw attention to your brand.  Multi-day events the price is $100 per day.  

Package details​

*Social media mentions

* Promotional table featuring your brand at our event

* Mitten Recruit Shirt  

low major sponsor | $250

This package level is designed to support the many events we have to offer over the calendar year.                              Your sponsorship would be used towards the functionality of our event like printing, water, food, etc.  

Package details​

*Logo placement on social media and website 

* Website placement to drive traffic to your business

* Mitten Recruit Shirt  

mid-major sponsor | $500 - $1000 

This package level helps with the cost for running the event.  Funds would be used for referees, t-shirts, court cost, etc.  This sponsor would be a big part in the success of running the event and would pay off with business traffic from the fans and social media audience we could provide. 

Package details​

*Logo placement on social media and website

*Banner displayed at event and on all social media posts

*Specific partnership post & website traffic directed to your business

* Mitten Recruit Shirts

high major sponsor | $2500

The High Major level is reserved for those individuals or companies that want their company to fully sponsor one of our events. The event will be marketed as "Mitten Recruit Summer Finale Presented by....." .   If you would like to sponsor an entire event,  all apparel like Moneyball or want to help our brand with the placement and funds with your company this is for you!   We are always open for shirt sponsors, food sponsors, vender sponsors, etc. and this level has a higher end level of commitment for our brand and yours!   

Package details​

*Specific partnership post & website traffic directed to your business 

*Event marketed as "Presented By..."

* Banner @ all events  

* Logo & brand placement on website & social media 

* Opportunities for future collaborative events  

* Mitten Recruit Polos & Camp shirts

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