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CEO & Lead Recruiting Insider

cam nichols | @coachcam30

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Cameron Nichols | @CoachCam30

Former College Basketball Coach | CEO of @TheShotMakers @HooperClips @MittenRecruit
Host of Talkin' Hoops w/ Coach Cam Podcast & Owner of Mitten Recruit LLC

Coach Cam Nichols has been coaching basketball in Michigan for 18 years.  Making stops coaching at NCAA D2 level, Junior College and High school has helped expand his knowledge about all aspects of basketball.  Currently, Coach Cam is running his Shooting Academy ( hosting two podcasts (Talkin' Hoops w/ @CoachCam30 + RTM Podcast) while also coaching high school basketball at a Metro Detroit area school and with REACH Legends Youth Program. 

Coach Cam has created quite the buzz with this platform and podcast.  His ability to be able to scout from a coaches perspective is unmatched!! Most scouts never played the game or even coached.  Coach Cam has played HS, College and Overseas and has coached HS, Juco and College too!!  Being able to talk about basketball from a perspective and view that most scouts or coaches can is what makes him special.

If you looking for a scout or podcast that can deliver basketball content like NO ONE ELSE, look no further!!! 

Make sure to follow @CoachCam30 on Twitter & Instagram. 


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