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The Family EYBL IV Live Streams

The Family is a NIKE Sponsored Program in Michigan competing for a chance at Peach Jam!! They travel to Kansas City, MO to compete in the Nike EYBL Session IV!! Below is their game schedule and live stream links. Enjoy!

Full Schedule


Thursday July 7th

vs. Livon - Fleur De Lis - 3:30pm - Court 3 - Live Stream

Friday July 8th

vs. Georgia Stars - 9:30am - Court 4 - Live Stream

vs. UPlay Canada - 3:30pm - Court 4 - Live Stream

Saturday July 9th

vs. Florida Rebels - 12:30pm - Court 4 - Live Stream

vs. Alabama Fusion - 5:00pm - Court 4 - Live Stream


Thursday July 7th

vs. Mac Irvin Fire - 2:00pm - Court 6 - Live Stream

Friday July 8th

vs. The Syndicate - 9:30am - Court 8 - Live Stream

vs. Vegas Elite - 3:30pm - Court 5 - Live Stream

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