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RTM Top Performers College (D1) Men's

Some top performers this past weekend from Mitten recruits playing on the NCAA Division I level.

Rocket Watts (Michigan State) | 23 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists in a win over Detroit Mercy, 83-67

Trevion Williams (Purdue) | 17 points and 11 rebounds in a 68-61 win against Valparaiso.

Mike Flowers (South Alabama) | 29 points and 4 rebounds versus Auburn in tough 90-81 loss.

Eric Williams (Oregon) | 15 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists in a convincing win over Seton Hall 83-70.

Setric Millner (Toledo) | 17 points and 5 rebounds versus Eastern Michigan, winning the game 91-74.


Rashad Williams (Oakland) goes into Oklahoma State and gave them a shootout!! Making 10 threes and scoring 32 points he did everything in his shooting power to get the Grizzlies the win. Oakland would fall however 84-71.

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