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RTM | Mitten Recruit @ EYBL

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Check out the live streams (FREE) of Bates Fundamentals and The Family competing at the EYBL this week!! Links will be updated daily.

Day Four - Friday 7/16

12:30pm - MeanStreets vs. PSA Cardinals - Link

12:30pm - The Family 15U vs. Team Melo - Link

2:00pm - The Family 17U vs. Team Durant - Link

2:00pm - Bates Fundamentals 17U vs. Houston Hoops - Link

8:00pm - Bates Fundamentals 16U vs. Mebo - Link

Players to watch

Sonny Wilson - The Family 16U

Jonathan Blackwell - The Family 16U

Curtis Williams - The Family 16U

Keyon Menifield Jr. - The Family 17U

Emoni Bates - Bates Fundamentals 17U

Malik Olafioye - Bates Fundamentals 16U

Durral Brooks - Bates Fundamentals 15U

Chas Lewless - The Family 15U

Christian Humprey-Rembert - The Family 15U

Trey McKinney - Bates Fundamentals 16U

Ty Rodgers - MeanStreets 17u

TJ Taylor - MeanStreets 17u

Kareem Rozier - MeanStreets 17u

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