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RTM | College Spotlight - Women's NCAA Tournament

Look whose dancing?!! We have listed all the Women's players from Michigan who will be playing in the 2021 NCAA Tournament!!! Good luck to our #MittenMadeLadies representing for our state on the national scene!

Whitney Sollum | Elise Stuck | Michigan

Micaela Kelly | Maddy Waters | Molly Davis | Kalle Martinez | Kyra Bussell | Carlee Crabtree | Sophia Karasinski | Central Michigan

Mardrekia Cook | Alyza Winston | Moira Joiner | Alisie Smith | Claire Hendrickson | Julia Ayrault | Laurel Jacqmain | Michigan State

Lasha & Mahri Petree | Bradley

Jordan Walker | Tennessee

Kysre Gondrezick | West Virginia

Jada Roberson | Wright State

Laya Hartman | Northwestern

Alexis Sullivan | Iowa

Kamaria McDaniel | Baylor *injured*

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