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Prospect Camp Girls Recap w/ Highlights

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

This group of Middle School Boys brought the heat!!! Talent all across the board from all over the state!!! Check out some of our top players and competition winners from our camp! #MittenRecruit


Jillian Sanderson 2029

Jillian has GAME!!! She played so well during camp that we thought she was an older high schooler! This 7th grader will be a top player in her class with offers coming soon!! She won our 3pt contest and made plays all day long. Remember the name trust us!

Janielle & Mackenzie Turner 2028

The Turner twins came to camp and showed off their much improved game!! Known for being shooters, they both displayed their ball-handling skils and getting to the rim. Very active on both sides of the ball too!! One thing is for sure... hard work is paying off!

Zariya McCrary 2028

Making the trip all the way from Saginaw was rough to start but boy did she bounce back!! Zariya is long and athletic but also skilled for her size. Her ability to run the floor and finish around the basket is high-level!! She a force on the glass and on defense expect her to be an impact freshman in HS.

Kamara Cooper 2029

Kamara did it all at camp!!!! She rebounded, played defense, made some shots and overall just played really hard!!! The future is bright for this 2029 out of Clare!!

Audrey Walker 2030

To be just a 6th grader and be able to hang with older girls was super impressive!!! Audrey has the ball on a string!! It's obvious she has been in the lab and sure isn't afraid of taller/older players. She finished well at the basket and was very good getting teammates open. Sky is the limit for Audrey!!

Londyn Newton 2028

Another good young player out of Saginaw!! Londyn is tough! She was all over the ball on defense and made plays for her undefeated Black squad. A very sure ball-handler, she can create her own shot and for others too. This point guard will be one to keep an eye on.

Madleen Hussein - Flat Rock 2026

Madleen went hard the whole camp!! She didn't take it easy on some of the younger players but still was a playmaker. Madleen was an all-around player making shots and creating for others. Flat Rock gotta good one!

Nia Wilson 2029

Don't let the height fool you, Nia is as tough as they come!!! Another standout from Grand Blanc and she represented well!! Nia was all over the ball defensively and has a very solid handle on the ball. She didn't back down against anyone and that toughest is going to go a long way. Bright future for Nia!!

Audrey McCarley 2028

Audrey is a playmaker!!! She was one of the top shooters in camp!! She was able to make plays for teammates while also being a pest on defense!! She might be small but her game is BIG!!

Team Award

The Black team went undefeated in Team play AND won our 2 minute tournament!!! Coach Ash (not picture) had these girls going hard!! Great job ladies!

Pictured L to R: Mackenzie Jones, Allison Hufstedler, Ryenn Becher, Demi'a Higginbotham, Emilie Eritano, Nia Wilson and Londyn Newton.

Team Hustle

The effort and intensity of the camp was due to these girls setting the tone!! The went hard in drill work, were vocal throughout the camp and played very hard!! Keep up the hard work ladies!!

Pictured L to R: (Top): Nylah Bell, Evelyn Hoener, Julia Noureddine, Emilie Eritano, Ava Bosstick, Kamara Cooper, Mackenzie Jones, Ryenn Becher

(Bottom): Jordan Mendenhall, Gabbi Sabaugh and Sophia Mator.

Top Shooters

Jillian Sanderson took the crown but these ladies can fill it up from three!!!

Pictured L to R: Eveyn Hoener, Emilie Eritano, Jillian Sanderson, Londyn Newton and Emilia Jacobs.

Queen of The Court

When it comes to 1v1 these girls were getting buckets!!! Nia Wilson took the crown, congrats champ!!!

Pictured L to R: Kamara Cooper, Janielle Turner, Demi'a Higginbotham, Zariya McCrary, Madleen Hussein and Nia Wilson.


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