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Preseason Cheat Sheet | Detroit Renaissance Girls

Detroit Renaissance looking to continue their continue their winning ways after making it to the State Championship game in 2020-2021.

There is new blood in town!! The veterans have moved onto their Division 1 schools but whose next up for the Phoenix?

**Head Coach Shane Lawal has won a few PSL Championships and sent numerous girls to NCAA Division I schools since his tenure at Detroit Renaissance.

**Top Freshman alert!!!!
-Imani Johnson '25 - Remember this name!!! She will be one of the top 2025 players in her class.

**YOUNG & LOADED!!! These following players will be huge for the Phoenix this season and make sure they are on your recruiting boards! Sanders and Otis will key players this season.

'23 Kiyla Brooks
'23 Azaria Huggins
'24 Christian Sanders - Recently offered by Detroit Mercy.
'24 Nevaeh Otis - Offers from Western Michigan & Omaha.
'24 Makayla Johnson
'24 Harmonie Bolton

Fall Workout Schedule:

Contact Coach Shane @2typesofkiller if you are looking to attend coaches!!

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