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Mitten Recruit | Max Burton 2022

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Max Burton Class of 2022 sits down with Mitten Recruit

Max, thanks for spending some time to come on our platform. What school do you attend and who do you play AAU for?

No problem, my pleasure. I attend Williamston High School in the Lansing area and this past Summer I spent time playing with Parallel 45 and REACH Legends

Did you have a chance to play this summer and if so how was that it experience?

Yes. I played for Parallel 45 and REACH. It was great to get back in the gym. COVID restrictions made it challenging but I made the most of it.

How are your grades and recruiting going?

Academically, I have a 3.85 GPA . Recruiting is going good and has picked up since the Summer. I have four NCAA Division I offers. Toledo, Oakland, Central Michigan, and Western Michigan. I’ve enjoyed getting to know the coaches and learning about their programs.

What the biggest thing your looking for from a school that is recruiting you?

I'm looking for a school that fits my academic needs and has a program that understands who I am as a player. Location of the school is a big thing for me because I would like to attend a school in the Midwest.

Describe your game for people who haven't seen you play...

I consider myself a position-less player who can stretch the floor out and can play on or off the ball. My height and shooting ability allows me to play many different positions on the floor.

Whose your favorite player and/or who do you look up to basketball wise?

My favorite player is Lonzo Ball. I like how unselfish he is and he makes his teammates better.

How good will Williamston be if we have a season?

Williamston should be very good this year. We have great size and players who can shoot at all 5 positions.

What's the one thing you want people to know about you?

In my spare time I spend time playing golf.

Location of the school is a big thing for me because I would like to attend a school in the Midwest” -Max Burton

Summer Highlights 2020

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