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Exposure Camp Elite 8 & Top Performers

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

These players in the 2026 and 2027 class showed up to camp and showed OUT!!! Below are a few evaluations of players you should know about after this event. NOTE: We would like to mention every camper but that's easier said then done, ENJOY!!


Alex Jamison 2026 - REACH Legends

Alex came to camp with a chip on his shoulder! He was a leader in most to all drills and lead his team to a championship win! He did more than just shoot the ball... he attacked the rim, played defense and has a really nice pull-up game.

Jaden Garwood 2026 - Bates Fundamentals

Jaden displayed both his inside and outside game at camp!. He shot the ball very well for one of the biggest kids at camp (6'4/6'5). He did a really good good job rebounding and being able to start the break. His shot making ability at his size will set him apart from other players in his class.

Braylon Frantz 2026 - REACH Legends

You won't find three better guards than Braylon in his class!! He was by-far one of the best guards at the camp, if not the top one! He handled the ball really well, attacked the basket and finished with either hand. When talking about guards in the 2026 class... Braylon Frantz should be some where towards the top!

Jaden Brown 2026 - Bates Fundamentals

Jaden came in as one of the top registered players for his performance at other showcases and he did not disappoint. He showed he can put the ball on the floor, rebound and attack in transition. Already with a bigger frame for his age, his guard skills should give him an edge. His ability to score in the paint was really good.

Geno Seets 2026 - REACH Legends

Some guys say they play hard but there are some who actually DO!! Geno was one the camps hardest workers and players. Being one of the taller kids in the camp didn't limit his game. He made plays around the basket and was a force defensively inside.

Alex Bosilkovski 2026 - Malow Junior High

The easiest way to catch the eye of Coach Cam and Mitten recruit is being able to shoot the ball!!! Alex drained three after three after three throughout the showcase! He's the kind of shooter that will make 3-4 threes in a game like it's normal. He was also on the championship team mostly because of the threes he made in the games.

Michael Harrison II 2027 - Summit Academy

Being one of the younger kids at camp didn't stop Michael from standing out! He shot the ball well and had his handles on a string! He was vocal for someone his age and got after it defensively. The best part about his game is that he was competitive and didn't back down from anyone no matter the size or grade.

Braylon Taylor 2027 - Grand Rapids Christian Middle School

Coach Eric Taylor of Grand Rapids Christian didn't drive two-hours to camp for his son not to show out!! Braylon has a really good feel for the game. He can score and makes sure to make the right passes and plays. He might be a coaches son but after camp he has shown that he is a player in the 2027 class!


Peyton Kemp 2026

Nationally ranked as one of the top players in the 2026 class, Peyton proved he was just that! The winner of our King of The Court got to the rim at will. His best quality is his leadership. He was very vocal in drills, demonstrated them perfectly and was just an overall all-around great player. It's great to see really good players respect the game, play hard and live up to the hype!

Stevie Hall 2027 - Flint Affiliation

Regarded as one of the top guards in Michigan's 2027 class, Stevie showed us why. He wasn't able to attend both days but for the time he was there he stood out. Attentive, worked hard and shot the ball really good. Attacking the rim and making the right play are his best attributes. He's an athlete, left our camped and went and scored two touchdowns in the same day!

Bela Matyus 2026 - Our Lady of Refuge at West Bloomfield

Another late-addition to camp but he was relentless going at everyone! Plays hard but also has some skill too. He was not afraid to guard the top players and attack them too. His work-ethic will make him a player in the 2026 class.

Other Notable Campers

Row 1: Kaelin Tate 2027 | Cole Charter 2026 | Dereon Brown 2026

Row 2: Greg White 2026 | Ryan Rocheleau 2026 | Gavin Leverett 2027

Row 3: Jaxson Francis 2027 | Terry Lowe 2027 | Jackson Bowden 2026

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